Product Photography

Professional product photography is an essential investment for any business. From a website or product catalogue to social media or PR, having a range of carefully-framed images at your fingertips puts your brand in the best possible light and brings it alive whatever the situation.

Marcus Holdsworth has a wide-ranging experience of product photography and many companies have entrusted their brand to his skills. He takes an active role in the creative process leading up to the shoot as it’s important for him to gain a real understanding of your vision. And with your products’ brand firmly in mind, Marcus has a reputation for going the extra mile to create bespoke images that deliver to and beyond your brief.

Marcus can shoot on location or from his large, well-equipped studio. The studio is ideal for high volume product shoots, and Marcus can shoot on models or deliver flat shots as required. He has a keen eye for detail and whilst he effortlessly knows how to style a shot, he can easily become part of your creative team. Marcus also enjoys a long-term relationship with several advertising firms and has many connections he can call upon.

  • Shipstone’s Beer
  • In Phase Audio
  • Retroscents
  • Radford Supplies
  • House of Violet
  • Nottingham Bid
  • 200 Degrees
  • Happy Eggs
  • Eat Lean Cheese
  • Suzie Henson
  • Angela Vickers Bridal Designs