Corporate Headshots

Employees are your biggest asset and expense. A headshot cropped from a holiday snap used on an employee’s LinkedIn profile reflects poorly on your business. DIY headshots used on your ‘Meet the Team’ page can devalue your entire website. Both of these examples are a missed opportunity for your brand to present a polished presence to customers and competitors alike.

Employee portraits are an increasingly essential part of an online corporate identity, including your website, PR efforts, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. As these images yet another way of shining a light on your brand, it’s worth the effort of a professional approach. Relaxed or formal, in the studio, office-based or on location, Marcus will work with you to select a style that epitomizes your business, and will produce a portfolio of portraits for you to use time and again. He can also arrange a full shoot by tapping into his network of makeup artists and stylists.

Marcus has 15 years’ experience of making people look their best through correct lighting and positioning. Your portraits can be shot in his well-equipped industrial-sized studio or on location with stylish environmental portraits. Alternatively, and with adequate space, a small studio can be set up in your premises so that a high volume of employees can be captured, giving you a full library of shots available for any situation.

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